Norway Pike Master

This is a team based CPR Competition, which means catch, photo and release. Each individual competition is a part of the combined Norway Pike Master (NPM) tournament, where each team’s two best result will count to their final result. 

Each team must have a Team-name, a captain, a co-captain and can be a maximum of 3 people. Only one team allowed per boat. There is no segregation between juniors, seniors and across genders, meaning that everyone is competing in the same tournament/competition. For each individual competition the contesting teams will compete for the longest combined length of their five longest pikes. The longest pike of each individual competition will also be awarded (individual prize).

Registration Rules:

Each team-registration must include all team members with a designated captain and co-captain. There is a maximum of three participants per team/boat whereas all anglers from the same team must compete from the same boat. In order to compete for the total win of the tournament, Team-name cannot be changed. Each team can change their participants for each individual competition however the team captain or co-captain must be present in each individual competition.

It has been decided a limit of maximum 50 boats/teams. When the maximum number of boats is registered, a waiting list will be created. Once registration is closed, the direct organizer and management of the tournament will prioritize teams that have signed up for all 3 individual competitions. An invoice will be sent as soon as possible to each team that registers for all 3 competitions. Once the final list of participants has been completed and published an invoice will be sent to the remaining teams (if any) that have signed up for less than 3 competitions. It will not be possible to claim a refund of registration payment.

Boat Rules:

During the competition all participants must be dressed in an approved floatation garment e.g. floatation suit / jacket / vest. All boats must also possess a first aid package and heavy-duty pliers. There is a zero tolerance for consuming alcohol and other forms of intoxication during the entire competition, all participants must be sober at competition start. 

In order to avoid unpleasant situations during the mass-start, all boats must position themselves in the starting area with the fastest boats standing in the front of the starting field and all boats standing with their fronts in direction of travel. 

Before start, all boats must commit a control the boat to their right and check if the boat is according to regulations (Do they have required floatation garment, do they have any fish in Livewell e.g. livebait, etc). Any violation must be reported to the competition officials before start. Fishing distance is set to at least 70m to the nearest stationary or slowly mowing competing boat. To pass another boat this should also be done at a distance of at least 70m if the boat is stationary or moving slower than three knots. If you need to get closer than 70 meters in order to pass another stationary / slow moving competing boat due to terrain, than the passing of the boat must be conducted at a speed of maximum three knots. Otherwise, all common traffic regulations apply and use of common sense. 

Registration of captured fish:

It is the total length of the team’s five longest pike that decides the result, for example, if your team has registered five pikes of 70cm then you have a total length of 350cm. Minimum length limit for each pike is 60cm (this limit might be adjusted). The fish is measured with measuring board (supplied by the competition organizers) and each participant is responsible for clear images. The fish must be placed on the measuring board with its head facing towards the 0cm mark, right side belly down. ID tag for the team should also be shown in the picture.

The fish is approved by jury which is entitled to adjust the reported length if picture is not clearly showing the true length of the fish.

Registration of fish must be conducted straight after capture. Registration must consist of photo, Team-name, participant name and measured length. Registration will be conducted through private message at

All fish registrations must be conducted before competition stop. It is the time shown in the facebook logs that decides if the fish was registered within the time limit.

Fishing Rules:

Fishing time starts once the signal for the mass-start has been given. All boats must be back at the starting area within 30 minutes after competition stop. Allowed fishing area is as shown on a map prior to the competition and all travel outside of this is considered as cheating. Participants are only allowed to fish with one rod at a time. Participants are only allowed to use artificial baits fished active (cast and retrieve). This means that such fishing methods as trolling are not allowed. All fish must be released and treated with upmost care and respect.   


All reports of cheating will be treated by the jury. If the jury finds evidence of cheating it is the jury that will decide the sanctions based on the severity of the participant / participants actions.

Time schedule Norway Pikemaster 2019:

07:00-08:15 Boat launching, distribution of measuring board, ID tag and starter bag. 

08:30-08:45 Captain Meeting and rule review. 

09:00-17:00 Fishing time. 

17:30 All ID tags and measuring boards shall be delivered. 

18:00-18:30 Awards ceremony.

General info:

We encourage everyone to be at the start well ahead of the captains meeting 08.30 for deployment of boats, disinfection of equipment, boat control and parking. There could be many boats waiting for deployment, and this will take some time. 

Captains meeting will be held 08.30 for review of the rules and general info. Captain/co cpt must be at this meeting, preferred the everyone participating. 

The start will be right outside the start area 09.00. Fishing time starts and will be for 8 hrs to 17.00. All fish registered between 09.00 and 17.00 will count in the contest. Fish registered after 17.00 will not count. 

All ID tags and measuring boards should be delivered 17.30. This gives you some time for transport back after the contest is closed. Measuring boards and ID tags not delivered after the contest will be invoiced with 300 NOK. 

Award ceremony will be held as soon as possible after the contest, preferably no later than 18.00. There will also be possibilities to buy something to eat and drink in the start area after the contests.