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Time schedule Norway Pikemaster 2020.

07:00-08:15 Boat launching, distribution of measuring board, ID tag and starter bag. 

08:30-08:45 Captain Meeting and rule review. 

09:00-17:00 Fishing time. 

17:30 All ID tags and measuring boards shall be delivered. 

18:00-18:30 Awards ceremony.

General info:

We encourage everyone to be at the start well ahead of the captains meeting 08.30 for deployment of boats, disinfection of equipment, boat control and parking. There could be many boats waiting for deployment, and this will take some time. 

Captains meeting will be held 08.30 for review of the rules and general info. Captain/co cpt must be at this meeting, preferred the everyone participating. 

The start will be right outside the start area 09.00. Fishing time starts and will be for 8 hrs to 17.00. All fish registered between 09.00 and 17.00 will count in the contest. Fish registered after 17.00 will not count. 

All ID tags and measuring boards should be delivered 17.30. This gives you some time for transport back after the contest is closed. Measuring boards and ID tags not delivered after the contest will be invoiced with 300 NOK. 

Award ceremony will be held as soon as possible after the contest, preferably no later than 18.00. 

There will also be possibilities to buy something to eat and drink in the start area after the contests.